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Amazon Delivery Vehicle Accident Lawyer

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It is hard to take a trip to the grocery store or head off to work without seeing a number of Amazon delivery trucks on the road. Many drivers are safe and it is certainly a convenience to receive packages this way. Yet, if you are in an accident with one, it is critical that you work with an Amazon delivery vehicle accident lawyer, an attorney with ample experience taking on these big organizations and holding them accountable. A Nashville car accident attorney from Selvidge Injury Law can assist with filing a claim.

Common Types of Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents

It takes just a moment for an accident with an Amazon delivery truck to happen. Some of the most common of these accidents include:

  • Rear-end collisions when the truck follows too closely to you and does not stop fast enough.
  • Head-on collisions are often caused by drivers crossing the center line because they are looking at a phone or not paying attention.
  • Side-impact accidents occur when the truck driver runs a red light or does not stop at an intersection, causing another driver to strike them.
  • Pedestrian and bicycle accidents with Amazon delivery trucks are also common, especially in congested areas.

If you are hurt by a truck accident of any type, it is critical to contact the police to file a claim and then work with an Amazon delivery vehicle accident attorney who can guide you in getting the support you need to hold the company and driver accountable.

Who Is Liable in an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident?

Determining liability in an Amazon delivery truck accident can be complex. The details of the situation are very important to understand. In many cases, these drivers are employees of Amazon, which means the company assumes responsibility for the driver’s actions.

Other times, they are independent contractors, and Amazon may not hold liability (especially if the driver was not conducting actual business at the time of the accident). There are several parties that could be held responsible in most cases:

  • The driver: If the Amazon driver was driving recklessly, such as speeding, or distracted by looking at their phone, they may be personally liable for the losses that occur.
  • Amazon: The company itself could be liable for the injuries, especially if it did not ensure the driver was properly trained and skilled to handle the work.
  • Third-party companies: There are some situations where a third party, not Amazon, is delivering the packages on behalf of the company. In these situations, those drivers may also be responsible, as are the companies themselves.

With the help of a police report, you can determine who may be responsible for your situation. However, if the police report is not accurate, your attorney can help you to update that with accurate information through further investigation and evidence gathering.

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Working with an Amazon delivery vehicle accident lawyer is critical in any situation like this. You need to be sure your accident and losses are taken into consideration and accounted for accurately. With the help of an experienced Amazon delivery vehicle accident lawyer, you gain peace of mind knowing you have highly qualified help on your side. Call the office of Selvidge Injury Law for a free consultation today.