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Common Causes of Car Accidents in Nashville 

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Car accidents in Nashville cause a wide range of injuries and losses to people every day. Like any large city, there are many ways that just going for a drive, commuting back and forth to work, or going to school can lead to a life-threatening accident. Consider some of the most common causes of car accidents in Nashville to better understand if you may have a case. Then, call Selvidge Injury Law for immediate guidance from a Nashville car accident attorney.

Common Causes for Car Accidents

The following are examples of car accidents that commonly occur in Nashville. Any of these cases require the help of an experienced car accident attorney.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving includes any type of distraction in a car or outside of it that takes the driver’s eyes or focus off the road, limiting their ability to navigate safely. This may include texting, talking on the phone, using navigational features, eating, or even having an intense conversation with another person.

Speeding and Reckless Driving

There is a much higher risk of an accident occurring when one driver is speeding or otherwise engaging in reckless behavior behind the wheel. This includes not signaling when turning or driving in an aggressive manner, such as tailgating.

Intoxicated Driving

Another common cause of car accidents in Nashville is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This may include the use of prescription medications or over-the-counter medications if they cause changes in your perception or ability to drive safely. Drunk driving is a very common cause.

Poor Weather Conditions

In some situations, a car accident may occur as a result of poor road conditions. This does not mean that the other party is any less responsible for the accident or damage caused. When weather conditions are bad, every driver is tasked with the responsibility of driving at a much higher level of care while also knowing when it is no longer safe to drive.


In some situations, the biggest risk factor for a car accident is the driver’s inexperience. Some new drivers are aggressive, while others are overconfident. In other situations, they just do not know how to handle various situations. Inexperience can lead to dangerous outcomes, especially if it involves drivers in large commercial trucks.

Manufacturer Vehicle Failures

The manufacturer of the vehicle could be responsible if the tires, brakes, or other components fail unexpectedly. In these situations, the manufacturer could be responsible if the car accident is due to that defect.

These are some of the most common causes of car accidents in Nashville. Keep in mind that some may involve more than one component. In all situations, you may benefit from hiring an attorney.

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