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When Do I Need To Hire a Nashville Personal Injury Lawyer? 

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Hiring a Nashville personal injury lawyer is one of the most important decisions you can make because it may directly impact your ability to receive the compensation owed to you. In situations where you have serious losses from injuries, emotional trauma, or financial losses of other forms, it is beneficial to hire a personal injury attorney to help you.

At Selvidge Injury Law, we provide our clients with a free initial consultation. This allows you to learn more about when and why you need to hire a Nashville personal injury lawyer to recover the costs owed to you.

Consider What a Nashville Personal Injury Lawyer Will Do for You

A Nashville personal injury attorney will provide you with a wealth of resources and tools to help you secure the compensation owed to you. This includes:

  • Determining if you have a case: Your attorney will help you determine if someone else is responsible for the losses you have. This can often occur during the initial consultation. We will tell you if you have a case.
  • Determining who is at fault: While you may have a police report with some information, that may not be enough to prove other parties are at fault. We will determine if there are any indications of further fault, such as employers or vehicle manufacturers.
  • Estimate losses: Your Nashville personal injury attorney will calculate your losses for you, exhausting all possible types of losses you may have so that you can maximize your claim.
  • Handle the evidence gathering: With a network of resources to support you, including expert witnesses and accident re-creation specialists, our attorneys will guide you in learning what evidence proves your losses and their worth.
  • Going to court: We highly recommend settling out of court, but only if it is fair to you. As seasoned attorneys, we will pursue legal action to protect your rights, including going all the way to trial if necessary.

If you need help with any of these areas, we strongly encourage you to hire a Nashville personal injury lawyer.

Common Types of Accidents and Injuries That Benefit from a Personal Injury Lawyer

There are some types of personal injuries noted for their severity and long-term recovery that warrant hiring an attorney to help you with your case. Specifically, these cases may require proving significant compensation requirements or helping you to determine how much your complex and permanent injuries are worth. Examples of the types of accidents that often make it important to seek out a personal injury lawyer include:

If you have serious losses, hire a personal injury attorney.  If you are unsure if you have a case, set up a consultation to learn if you do.

Our Legal Team Is Ready to Help You

Contact Selvidge Injury Law today to discuss your rights to compensation. Let us help you determine if you need to hire a Nashville personal injury lawyer to pursue full and fair compensation at a free consultation.