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What to Do After a Car Accident

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You were hurt in a car accident, and you are unsure what to do, especially if someone else caused the incident. In every situation, it is critical to know what steps to take and what to avoid to ensure you can file a claim that is comprehensive and not limiting to you. A Nashville car accident lawyer from Selvidge Injury Law can help you with your claim.

What to Do Right After the Car Accident

Knowing what to do in the event of a car accident is a necessary lesson. Here are the steps to take in the ideal situation.

  • Collect yourself, and call 911: The first steps you take are critical. If you are not safe, get yourself to safety, then call 911. If you are okay, check on others to make sure they are okay. Follow all of the dispatcher’s directions from that point out.
  • Gather information: If it is safe to do so, start gathering information. If you are able to, and it is safe to do so, take pictures of the vehicles involved, the damage to the vehicles, where the vehicles were when the incident occurred, and the scene itself. Additionally, get the information of the other driver.
  • Provide the police with the information they need: That should include only facts about what happened, including what happened before and after the accident. Avoid telling the officer anything that you are not sure of. Do not guess or speculate about anything, especially when speaking with the police officer. It’s ok to say you don’t know something or don’t know the answer to a question being asked.
  • Exchange information: Even if the police are not on the scene, you need to exchange information with the other driver, including identification, contact information, and insurance information.
  • Go to the ER: Even if you feel okay immediately after a wreck, it is always a good idea to get checked out at the hospital just to make sure. Especially in any substantial car accident, you need to visit a doctor to ensure you are okay. Document anything that happens in the days following that may indicate additional injuries, such as a TBI.

Should You File a Claim for a Car Accident?

In a minor car accident without physical injuries, it may be possible to contact your insurance company and file a claim or to contact the other insurance company to do the same. The key here is to know that if there are serious injuries, you should not file that claim just yet. Alert the insurance company of the incident, make sure you file a police report, then contact an attorney.

Why You Need an Attorney in a Car Accident

A car accident with any significant injury or loss can be complicated by numerous factors. Even if the police decide that you are not at fault, insurance companies are difficult to work with and are likely to limit the amount of compensation they pay for the injuries you have. Working with a car accident attorney ensures several key things:

  • An attorney will help you determine all parties at fault.
  • Your attorney will help you determine all of the losses, which typically consist of more than just the medical bills you have.
  • Your attorney will handle the communication with the insurance company and any negotiations related to your claim, minimizing the risk that you may not receive the compensation owed.

Call a Nashville Car Accident Lawyer Today

Working with a car accident attorney is critical in situations where you are involved in a serious accident. By knowing what to do after a car accident, you also will be able to take action right away, and that could mean reducing the risk of making a mistake that costs you later. Call the office of Selvidge Injury Law today for a free consultation.